Adaline leverages on deep learning to help doctors make decisions more accurately and faster


Our Mission

Doctors have an incredibly difficult job with critical consequences on human life. Our goal is to build tools that would enhance their abilities to make better decisions based on clinically actionable data.

In most places in Asia, the number of trained and experienced radiologists to the population is at a low ratio. Leveraging on deep learning algorithms, we aim to help doctors be more efficient and accurate to meet the demand for medical diagnostics. Through our proprietary software, we can save up to 2 hours per day of a radiologist's time.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a technology that has been developed over decades and primed to bring to humanity the full potential of artificial intelligence. Mimicking how the brain works, networks of artificial neurons analyse vast quantum of datasets to learn underlying patterns and discover new insights. 

Unlike traditional Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD), deep learning is a self-learning algorithm that is not only far more accurate, it can provide far more valuable insights such as early detection, treatment planning and disease monitoring.


Our Solution

Our mammogram screening tool is a real-time proprietary software that would enable radiologists to analyse cases more efficiently and accurately, especially when facing large patient loads.

Our software, powered by artificial intelligence, rapidly analyses the image and provides predictions and insights from an artificial intelligence agent that was trained on vast amounts of retrospective medical studies targeted for the Asian population.

We currently have other proprietary software under development for radiology beyond mammogram screenings where we will announce soon.


Please reach out to us if you are interested in implementing Adaline's deep learning algorithms, contributing new data, clinical insights or working with us to develop new products. We work with healthcare providers, academic research institutions and private companies of all sizes.

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