Our Team

Adaline comprises technologists, medical technology professionals, doctors, professors, and AI researchers from some of the most prestigious institutions like MIT, MILA, Stanford, NUHS, and NUS. We have come together with the shared belief that AI will revolutionise the world and medicine is a worthy cause to bring this revolution to.


We strongly believe that machines are meant to serve humans not replace us. This is why the name of our company Adaline servers as a dual meaning, one taking the form of a human name and the other taking the form of an adaptive linear element. We are building products that will enhance a doctor's abilities not because of a naive ideology but we believe that humans today and in the future, will provide great contributions to the advancement of medicine. 

After my match against AlphaGo, I fundamentally reconsidered the game, and now I can see that this reflection has helped me greatly. I hope all Go players can contemplate AlphaGo’s understanding of the game and style of thinking, all of which is deeply meaningful. Although I lost, I discovered that the possibilities of Go are immense and that the game has continued to progress. I hope that I too can continue to progress, that my golden era will persevere for a few more years, and that I will keep growing stronger.
— Ke Jie, World’s Top Go Player